Thursday, July 19, 2007

another presentation

Another big one. The sponsor presentation. Selling the data, the concepts produced by the 3 teams within the diploma week. Not nervous. Yet. But getting there. Rehearsed a bit the whole presentation, and even trying to make it in an english accent (which just sounds more important as my dear Annette argues! yes, the trash zombie movie STAR). But probably at the end it doesnt really matter as we have good data and the different products.
And so, another chapter of this project closed. Slowly we get to the end of it. Its actually takes a lot of energy to concentrate on one project for such a long time but, darn, its worth it!
So, Senones experimental project week chapter closed. Sponsor chapter almost closed. Following documentation, Messe Exhibition and Diploma presentation. Then office Lynx chapter. Then Basel chapter. And then?

Maybe I should focus on opening new chapters and not in closing them.


.raoul said...

done! closed! fertig! Doamne ajuta!

Lucas said...

well done! an experience will only be an experience until you had the experience. Hugs.