Monday, July 16, 2007

Today I procrastinated. And felt alone. And got into a fight with a lady with nice dog which was trying to explain me the difference between side walk and road while I was trying to explain her the fact that I had a camera on my bike and I was filming for a project. At the end I shut up and waited for her to just get out of ma' way. So I guess that cover my human company for the day.
Thank you to all my layered friends.


Lucas said...

so how about meeting at the kabar tomorrow? How about swimming in the river? How about...some Feldenkrais? a new idea about Facedropping as I called it :-) How about cooking? How about a hug? How about feeling well? Call you?

AW said...

Daaaaaaaaaaaaa noi ti am zis sa vii la film.