Tuesday, July 10, 2007

the cheeky teilnehmers

From left to right:
Valerie - team Chaotic
Iyad - team Flexible
Conny - team Choatic
Alexandra - team Flexible
Rebecca - team Traditional
Balz - sociolog
Saskia - team Traditional
Jakob - team Flexible
me - core team Rhythmus
Maria - sociolog
Annette - core team Rhythmus documentation (or drama funny huggable bear queen :P )
Sämi - team Traditionals
Denis - team Chaotics
Boris - core team Rhythmus (or the irreplaceable diploma assistant that started the fire alarm while shooting fire crackers)

Nora - sociolog
Chef Hatem

Senones 01 -08 July 2007


.lulu said...

Bestiala poza!!! 90210 ar fii mandrii de modul in care ati pozat!!! Holywood here you go!:))

.raoul said...

yeah, just keep in being sarcastic. we were all drunk and probably only got up to 4 hours to sleep or so... Holywood puah