Monday, July 09, 2007


The highlight of my diploma work just past. One week of a summer camp were we observed, noted, judged and enjoyed the company of many people we didnt know before. To which, I am grateful, to everyone of them (even if I could do one exception :P ).
Now back in Basel and viewing some of the tapes and thinking. Wow. Was quite a full week, for the team, participants and also for me. Now, just to do the best of the 30 hours video material that we have, social observations and work of the participants and to get my diploma and finish with it. And move on. Move on.

Then again, I will miss Senones. To which I've said already goodbye.

Photos thanks to: Besim Neziri


AW said...

Cool stuff, man :D. Ne bucuram ca v a priit. Am vazut poze cool btw. Paturile gratii...tare :D

.raoul said...

and that would have been a reason for ya to come to Senones. I guess u missed it. this time

lavi said...

sooo like f$#@uckin' waiting for the job to be finished!:)