Thursday, August 23, 2007

Art Europe

I am planning for a long time to start posting about the different art fairs, festivals, forums, interface events that took place around Europe this year, and that I had the chance to visit. I covered a bit Basel, and in an ironical way, Basel Art was the only one I saw to little off, even if it takes place in the city I live in. Now the other ones that I will try at least to cover during this time will be: La Biennale di Venezia, Documenta 12 and ArsElectronica. The last one will take place beginning of september.

Now, the first thing which one might observe about those events are the differences between them. ArtBasel is a contemporary art fair with the needed satellites. Now, that means that during one week Basel its invaded by artzy fartzy galleries selling from Picasso to Warhol, art-deco furniture to minimal retro, from art-brut to tachism. Several labyrinth halls stuck with galleries and so much art that you just want go and sit on a green field with a hay straw in your mouth. Now, the little part I kinda covered was Art Unlimited, which is it still based on the fair concept but its contemporary art as in videos, installation, performances and so on. But, honestly, at the end its about the customer, the american lady that say's: "I like that blue!!! I will buy this painting!".

Now, Biennale has a much noble cause as it is an International Art Exhibition, bringing the different cultures together under one claim. This year was "think with the senses - feel with the mind". It turns out that the thinking is global but the feel political.

But as got to political, well there Bienalle di Venice "competed" with Documenta12. An art forum, by roots destined to be politically endorsed and involved. Documenta12 started as one time exhibition after the Third Reich, with the purpose of exhibiting the "forbidden art" and "o reconcile German public life with international modernity and also confront it with its own failed Enlightenment". But, naturally, had such a success that even today... But then again, even if I can not remember of the artist exhibited, or her work, I remember the small mention on the exhibition card: "Madam Xartist stopped creating in the moment she realized art doesn't impact or reach as far as politics." So if it doesn't actually make any difference, why all the fuss!?!

Today I am looking forward to Ars Electronica and its theme "Goodbye privacy". Yes, as being a Festival of Art, Technology and Society, with the emphasize on the second word please, it mirrors our fears of becoming to public personas through 0 1 lines. But I am all about digital transparency!!!

Look, I must be boring you already. Fine. Next post will have colourfull pictures and... shit! Promise!?!


Razvan Ion said...

Probably you should visit Bucharest Biennale as well:

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