Saturday, August 25, 2007

Biennale di Venice, French Pavillion

It took me a long time to decide how Im gonna start my little art wander, and every time I was decide to start with that piece, or the other one I was thinking that is only so trivial. As, there is no way to start I will begin with something that hanged in my mind mostly after Giardini di Biennale. And thats the woman that only knew how to started but knew to start from the end.

Sophie Calle with "Take care of yourself"
French pavilion

“I received an email telling me it was over. I didn’t know how to answer. It was as if it wasn’t meant for me. It ended with the words: Take care of yourself. I took this recommendation literally. I asked hundred and two women, chosen for their profession, to interpret the letter in their professional capacity. To analyze it, provide a commentary on it, act it, dance it, sing it. Dissect it. Squeeze it dry. Understand for me. Answer for me. It was a way to take the time to break up. At my own pace. A way to take care of myself.”

Upon the entrance of the french pavilion your eyes fall upon a wall of portraits, all reading a piece of printed paper. Lovely pictures, the surprise still didn't kick in. Then you read somewhere, or u start figuring yourself that the piece of paper must be the same. As you enter the next room you see the piece of paper, letter enormously printed and corrected, or translated in chinese, or arabic. Some monitors with women (107 woman of different profession) reading the letter, in a kitchen, on a terrace, in a bed, on a stage, singing it, dancing it, playing it, eating it. Actually the one eating was a parrot. You get the idea.
The letter was send it by her former lover. Actually the email. And, as we all feel to come to a closure to make us understand and let go, she also did. And just brought it to the next possible step. Moving by its simplicity. And wit. And pointless satisfactory revenge. Oh, la passion fran├žaise...

Besides that it felt a bit feministic.


Lucas said...

Did you forgot about the white parrot? saying "I never lied to you!" but you are right keeps to be my favourite!!!

Lucas said...

shit I just read it properly, of course you did not forgot it:-))