Wednesday, August 29, 2007

BAGHDAD - Much more then a holiday

I found a flyer in my room that I picked up at the Biennale of a project called


Upon finding the flyer I was smiling kindly, remembering how much I liked the project, the surprise of it all. The flyer it is a clisee traveling brochure with direction and advises, routes for sight seeings, recommended hotels, restaurants and so on. I mean, you look at it also a bit in wonder cause your thinking: "Isn't it like war over there?". Well the whole thinking process it only takes 5 seconds and then the surprise kicks in. And then you start reading. And stop smiling.

Welcome to Baghdad

Travel info

dear Tourist!
When visiting Baghdad, please remember the following safety instructions:

Traveling by plane: (NOT RECOMMENDED)
1 - There are direct flights to Baghdad only from Jordan and Syria.
2 - Flights are expensive.
3 - Some residue of atomic radiation might still be a problem in the area around the Baghdad airport, but only if you are susceptible to various types of cancer.
4 - All aircrafts flying over the airports are targeted either by Fundamentalist Muslims or the National Forces. Or both.
5 - The road from the airport to the centre of Baghdad is heavily mined.

DO NOT WALK on sidewalks, they are filled with mind. MIND THE TANKS
DO NOT imagine you are in Europe, you cannot go jogging in the morning. That is the most dangerous time in Baghdad, since that's when the suicide bombers are most active.
If there is an explosion in your vicinity, DO NOT remain an onlooker. Above all, DO NOT run or you will be targeted as a terrorist. It is suggested that you hurt yourself in some way so that you will look like a victim and be taken to hospital.

Where to eat
If you want to go for breakfast somewhere, try to avoid the popular or crowded places. Go to the hidden cafes. We believe the best place to have breakfast is your hotel room.

For more information, please visit the web site:

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