Thursday, August 16, 2007

what women want

Sometimes last week, at school, in a normal afternoon while I was just trying to find creatively ways to procrastinate away from my diploma documentation, a blond head pops around my "office" door. And there is was, my meaning perfect procrastination reason, in the middle of my diploma space. Ena, a guest lecturer which I loved for her witty comments, meaningful insights and high heels was visiting Basel for a couple of days and she though of paying a visit to the school. Delight as we smoked chatted and I showed her around commenting at how little anything actually changed. After an hour as I was showing her out I was thinking to invite her for a dinner and a glass of wine. but at the "red glass of wine" though I remember something which stopped the invitation on the tip of my tongue.
I remember once of the last times I saw her was at a teachers party, were we were sitting at the same table, but having other conversation partners. Nice evening, nice atmosphere, everybody was cheerful, enjoying a glass of wine. As was I, only that my glasses of wine were to fast getting empty without feeling much of the effect till I realized that dear E. sitting next to me was drinking from my glass as hers was empty. With a laugh, i mentioned this to her and she turn and half ironically, half serious, replied:
" Yeah, women always getz whatz theyz wantz!"
Mine only logical reply was: "So, they wanna get drunk?"

As I was waving frantically goodbye to Ena I was thinking that I am glad to be a man that doesn't get always what he wants.

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