Sunday, October 21, 2007

this feels weird

If there is something I despise the most are those situation when
. you end up in an elevator with the ex of your ex,
. with the guy you fight it once, to long ago, and you discover that you end up in the same entourage with him,
. that you have to congratulate your competition for their good luck and winnings,
. you see one of your clients at a gay party
. that a good friend of the guy you are dating now is one of your fuck buddies.

You know the feeling! Its gets all weird and you just try to ignore that presence in the room and you end up thinking the whole evening how embarrassing is the whole situation.

Well, not anymore. Whom ever and what ever makes it weird I am prepared not to get over it and look at the ex of the ex of the ex and say "Hi, its really funny to see u here. What have u been doing lately?". Or " Well, so actually we were fighting cause we have the same tastes in people. So, if you like them you must like me at the end".
Or "hey cool to see you here. was really a cool project we done back then!"
And "Congratulation and I wish you best of luck also in the future" and shake his hands.
And introduce to the FB another one of your FB thinking that the guy you are dating now might actually turn into something meaningful. And if not, you might have a 3-some coming up. :P

And then, after being simply nice you feel that there is nothing to be weird about.
Not of the situation, and not even about yourself.

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robert said...

I wish i could do that every day. but i can't. not yet.