Monday, December 17, 2007

on the road

Sitting with a tea in Pedro flat and a new lighted cigarette. Not in the mood for packing. I didnt even start yet as I actually wouldn't leave at all. In a way I left, in a way I will see Annette this weekend over a table podcasting about all the shit in the world.

I dont handle well goodbyes. Thats why I try to impose always on my friends not to have an official goodbye. Cause we will find ourselves digitally in short time. But I can not digitally nibble on Pedro ear and laugh at how confused he is when he wakes up.

I have to pack. Will it fit everything in the car or do I have to streamline again?

When I was a teenager, back in my home town I was imagining to have a group of friends, mainly gay from random professional worlds, with random opinions and interests, that I would meet every week and I would randomly love for being there. I guess each gay teenager dreams to have that, to make him feel comfortable with his own life. Probably the feeling would be lost home.

Home. I have to set up my office and start imediatly working. I shouldn't forget any cable. Should I make a special list for that? If not the network might not work.

I made a strong network of specialists here. Can get almost any project through cause I know the people, cause I have the people to back me up, cause I have friends that would never use the fraze "We dont do it like this here!". But thats probably the fraze I would here mainly back home.

Can't wait for the Xmas. To have my family around the tree, unwrapping presents and smiling. Probably telling me how good is to have me back. Probably telling them how good is to be back.


I am not sorry that have to go home. That I dont continue to fight to stay here, cause I never really wanted that before 2007. But damn, I would fast forward the next 3 days. And miss the chance to tell Pedro "Che duermas bien" one more time?

In which box does Pedro go?

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