Monday, February 25, 2008

You have gay coodies

"-Oh, then... you can not donate blood. Its not a law but its the policy of our medical center... sorry... really sorry"

And then blank. Rewind. Exactly the moment I wanted to say to the doctoresa that I'm gay the emergency alarm started to ring. People started to run around like chickens. A special rich, scandalously famous, with an attitude of a shepherd and directed directly by the will of the Lord was coming in, in need of blood. His life depending on it. But the Lord himself wanted this man to be special so he gave him the most special blood type in the world: C+ that only one in 20 mil. people in the world have it.
In a share of luck, just happend to be also a special man (of course) with the same blood group. Not beign even able to say a word I was taken by 4 bodyguards, 10 doctors and 20 lawyers, obliged to sign 200 papers saying "Sure, take all my blood" and before I could say "Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis" they were robbing me of my special fluid.
Fine. Anything to save anybodies life. As a non believer I think anybody deserves a change.
To cut it short, the blood was transfer to the sheep (or was it football) tyrant and he saw another day.
After two days he woke up from the coma and called to see me and cover me with gold.
I went, and I refused gently the offer by running around the room trying to not get hit by his rain of euros and telling him I would have done it for anybody (and I proved it by giving it to a nobody). At the end, he realized he is not in his full strenght to stuff me up with money so he promised to pray for my health. I agreed, half way on my way out, and I advised to also pray for him as he is carrying the blood of a mortal sinner: a gay man. But probably that was the will of his Lord Almighty.

"So, as you can not donate blood you will have to pay for your blood tests" continued the medicine woman. "Really sorry..."
Back to the reality I said a soft "Fine!". Sadly no alarm was ringing. Stupidly, gay people can not donate blood cause they are soooooo promiscues. Lord bless this country.


AW said...

Tu glumesti sau chiar ti s a intamplat asha magarie?

Veverita said...


Veverita said...

" Hm " era in ideea ca e intreresant ce spui tu in postul acesta, daca am zis doar atat, am facut-o din diferite motive, nu ca nu iti dau dreptate.

Lucas said...

rather hard not to hear from you, nor get a sign