Wednesday, April 23, 2008

video workshop

Right. There you are, all 9 of you. Late. Had to wait for you all 1 hour till you decided to join the workshop. Puah. And now you are slurping coffee and asking me if you could quickly go for a cigarette. NOOOO!
I am wasting time here!!! But lets start. Maybe I will discover a hidden talent once I put a camera in your hand. Well, its ok. I can show you tostart it. No, that is the PLAY mode and you want to go to record. Yes thats it. Let me see if I can explain you about the rule of thirds, focus, white balance and so on. What do you mean: "How do you do videoclips on MTV...?" you film and edit them. What exactly dont you understand.

Well, at least is a challenge. I can fructify my knowledge and share some of it with you. No! Sit! No cigarette. And please stop talking.

Oh, I should just go home and focus on my online portofolio!


Andreea89 said...

i didn't get it??!!??? what was it that you did exactly?

.raoul said...

I was a trainee holding a video workshop. And now should I start explaining you how the clips on MTV are made? :P

franck said...

Well, all three compositions look the same to me, so I guess I would have fit in perfectly with your useless students :-)