Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cambodia . Sihanoukville . Occheuteal beach

The only two nights spent at the beach. And was, the highlight, the only relaxing time we actually got from this trip.

Was also probably the time when Pedro hated me the most as I made him walk for more then 5 km in the blazing sun, dusty streets carrying a heavy backpack. And just because I was refusing to give into the always pressuring and aggressive tuk-tuk drivers. But because of this we found a piece of Paradise forgotten on earth (till the tourist corporation will take care of that also... really soon).

We found a bangaloo slightly above the sea, with a private terrace with round comfortable chairs were we retreated in the early afternoon hours for siesta, reading and slurping pina coladas.
Heaven I tell you, heaven! And dont get my started about the grills at the beach, were you can sit in comfortable armchairs dipping your feet into the sea and your mind into the stars.

This seems so long ago...
Of course Im not gonna tell you the name of the hotel!

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Lucas said...

you have to tell me the name!!!
I need a rest! :-)

Anonymous said...

I want to know it first, I have the feeling that my 6 weeks New Zealand/Australia holiday will be rather strenuous, and that I will need a nice, warm, comfortable, relaxing and intellectually undemanding chillout place to slowly adapt back to my regular office work . BTW, was there a cantina near by?
Listen, I pay you double for the place name, pleeeaaaase!

.raoul said...

no cantina. but they were some shacks around with grilled sea food and sticky rice. But that probably not what u were thinking.
You have my bank details so the name of the place is... wait... I must have written it somewere... Oh... Shit... I forgot it.
OK, fine. I will come and show you