Sunday, November 02, 2008

Vietnam to Cambodia . Mekong Delta

We crossed the border between Vietnam and Cambodia on the murky water of the Mekong river.

As we wanted to make the most of it and we did have a short amount of time at our disposal we decided to go on an organized tour that would also facilitate the border crossing and the trip itself.
The tour was for 2 nights and included several boat trips, accommodation for two nights (one a bungalow and dinning with the host family), visit at the floating market, fish farm, crocodile farm, a monastery, candy factory, rice noodle factory, ride with a coach pulled by a donkey, a local singing show (who is strangling the cat?????) and more boat and bus rides. So was fully worth it. Then again would have been an experience to actually do it by yourself. But I guess we would have seen half of the places by ourselves. But then again, who knows what other things we would have seen ridding on a rented motorbike. Eh, next time.

Putting aside all the sceneries, houses on pillars and the 2 hour night joy ride with the boat on the way to our bungalow I have to say I got fascinated by the shape of the boats. And especially by their faces that are suppose to scary the fish (or the river monsters????). I always imaged those kind of long boats made out of wood with continuous layered curved lines while reading King Rat. I could see and further imagine a full functional world (like my cloud world that u can guess on the header picture of this blog) entirely on boats. Small house, pagodas, shops, schools, fountains, hospitals, willow houses (brothels), mountains, towers, bamboo forest, play grounds, tea shops, people in small boats just moving around with a daily mystical purpose. A self sustained culture which synchronized their lives flow with the passing water (thinking of your fascination with the Rhine Lukas).

And lets not mention the Karaoke night... Like ever!

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