Sunday, June 07, 2009


For me, as a theatre onlooker, the theatre season is over. There is no stage, no actor, no director that I want to play with my mind and caress me with his visions. After seeing 3 undoubtedly* good plays I cant even muster the will to even watch a movie.

The last of this series was Faust by Goethe, directed by Purcarete in Sibiu (Teatrul Radu Stanca) with Ofelia Popii as Mephisto. I dont have the gift of words to even try to describe the unleashed energies and nightmares, but I can tell you that. After the play, when I've met the leading actress Ofelia, an old friend from my teenage years, I could not look into her eyes. Was like looking in the eyes of pure evil. Even if she was as warm and natural as I remember her.
Reading a bit about the play on some blogs I read somewhere (sorry but I cant find the link anymore) that Purcarete version of Faust is a full demonstration of what theater really is.Or it should.

Source: Oana Fofiu, Ovidiu Dumitru Matiu

I would go again to see Faust, thats for sure.

As a side note, while watching Afrims or Purcarete's plays is a bit like suffering of ADD. Universes semiotically layered, rich in details, new languages developed, that at the first viewing you are like a child trying to understand the cause and effect (Faust) and the difference of good and evil (Afrim); to realize, for the later, that you cannot distinguish and filter those through ration but through emotions and passions. But through which emotions or passions to judge?

*it is a personal opinion

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