Tuesday, June 09, 2009

self sufficient


I didn't hear it at that time but there was clearly a SNAP. And there it went. From that time on any drop of romance that I would manifest would be strategic, planned. Like a wife would plan a dinner in a way. To by satisfactory, probably heavy and the remote control to be on the right place on the table and the beer just cold enough. Thats how I would probably plan any romantic moment. After a certain recipe that along the way I learned being involved with theater and arts.
Just get the guy happy and maybe addicted a bit. And then redraw without leaving any emotional mark on the person. If possible. If not, its an universal assumed risk.

On the other side even if I still feel a shadow of an urge for a spontaneous moment I know those are the things that send your mind into spinning. So, whats the point when it comes to romance? Then better take a trip to see a good show or travel with friends. That is healthy mind energy to feed on.

As a contrast that's why Afrims play got me so hooked and emotional. Poring tears over lost innocence exchanged with clear guidelines of how things should be.
Keeping the trend of consumerism, dating became a way of experiencing strangers physically and sometimes even physically. Fun but pretty hollow.

So SNAP (was a band once wasn't it?)
But when I'm drunk I find myself repeatably listen Halo. And would like to hear a bedtime story about a person with surrealistic powers.

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andrei said...

am vazut piesa...
m-a socat dar mi-a placut