Monday, May 28, 2007

adrenaline rush

Never knew that gives u such a pleasure. Yeah, sure, had one before but never at that extend of actually 3 hours after the adrenaline kick to still be under its spell. Now I understand all those that can not get enough of it. Who needs sex, alcohol and drugs when u can have that!?! The cigarettes u still need as to relax and reflect u after :D
The story in a shell its simple. Been outside climbing, for the first time, hanging and hugging desperately to a rock that seems so easy to conquer but was so challenging for a beginner like me. Did a 20 m, 4a rock, for all those that know the scales. And some part I've been head of cord (or you would say "line head"... ???).

+ the guy I went with is cute :) and does read blogs. I hope... ahem.

1 comment:

Aw said...

I was leading :)U were leading vreau sa zic. Nu se zice cap de coarda in engleza.
Congrats again :)